★  Is made in France
★  Allows an increase of 62% in hydration levels of the superior layers of the skin after the first hour of application. (Study realised by the Dermatological Institute Idea) 
★  Has an important repairing action (after 3 days use) allowing for fast healing of the tattooed area. (Study realised by Biological Research Centre Bio-ec).
★  Has an important ability of restructuring the skin barrier in 3 hours. (Study realized by Biological Research Centre Bio-ec).
★  Is formulated to be; allergen-free, paraben-free and without any Phenoxyethanol (glycol ether) or MITs (Methylchloroisothiazolinone, Methylisothiazolinone).
★  Its specific formula has a comforting effect reducing itches and irritations
★  Has an adapted texture which does not stick or stain
★  Panthénol is a vitamin B component indispensable for our organism. It enhances the healing and calms irritated and burning skins
★  Associated with TGO (oxidized corn oil) offers excellent anti burning proprieties and calms the itches
★  Is conditioned in an Airless bottle (50 & 100ml) which guarantees you optimal quality, hygiene and practical use during 12 months after opening.
★  CPNP notification (new 2013 regulation) n°1367865
★  Apart BeeWax ingredient the product is totally vegetarian
★  12M PAO – Period After Opening
★  Of course all Easytattoo® products are NOT TESTED ON ANIMALS

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    Easytattoo tattoo aftercare cream 50ml NEWeasytattoo tattoo cream 50ml easytattoo uk

    Easytattoo ® AFTERCARE CREAM 50ml

    5 out of 5

    The Easytattoo® tattoo healing cream 50ml. Developed specifically for tattoo aftercare, this Panthénol based cream favors the restructuring.
    ★  Allergen-free
    ★  Moisturizing
    ★  It does not stick or stain
    ★  An airless system – No cross contamination

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    Easytattoo tattoo aftercare kit - easytattoo wholesale ukEasytattoo Aftercare Cream KIT new


    5 out of 5

    The Easytattoo ® care Kit is the first all-in-one answer to healing. Specially designed to optimize the healing of the tattoo.

    ★  125 ml of Easytattoo ® soft cleansing gel
    ★  50 ml of Easytattoo ® tattoo cream
    ★  A user guide on the box

    Easytattoo Natural Tattoo Wax Vegan easytattoo ukEasytattoo Natural Tattoo Wax Vegan easytattoo uk


    0 out of 5

    The Easytattoo® Natural Tattoo Wax formula is paraben free and contains no conservatives, MIT, phenoxyethanol or perfume. The waterless formulation makes it impossible to contaminate the wax.
    ★  Vegan
    ★  100% Natural ingredients
    ★  Comes with spatula
    ★  Waterless formula – no cross-contamination