EASYTATTOO ® PROTECT ROLL – Tattoo Protective Film Roll 10m x 15cm

Tattoo Protective dressing roll ensures daily comfort for the tattooed person whilst reducing infectious risks and limiting friction.
The tattoo protective film acts as a “second skin” to protect the new tattoo. It provides a waterproof and breathable barrier that prevents external contaminants from entering the wound.
This 10 metres long tattoo protective roll is packed in a dispenser box, that can be custom cut. It’s Hypoallergenic!!

★  Is made in France
★  Hypoallergenic!!
★  Waterproof
★  Transparent
★  Breathable
★  10 metres long – 15 cm wide tattoo protective roll
★  Packed in a dispenser box – Easy to use
★  High elasticity
★  Made of polyurethane
★  Non-irritant
★  Made in a laboratory according to EN ISO 13485 norm
★  Of course all Easytattoo® products are NOT TESTED ON ANIMALS

    Easytattoo PROTECT tattoo protective rollEasytattoo protective film 10M at Easytattoo UK

    Easytattoo® PROTECT – Tattoo Protective Film Roll 10m x 15cm

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    Easytattoo® PROTECT – Tattoo Protective Film Roll 10M x 15cm.
    This soft, flexible and easy to apply protective film allows a proper healing in a safe and comfortable way.  Allows the skin to breathe and stay in a humid environment. The tattooed person gets peace of mind for the first 12 to 24 hours.
    ★  Hypoallergenic
    ★  Waterproof
    ★  Breathable
    ★  Easy to use dispenser box