Easytattoo® PROTECT – Tattoo Protective film Sachets 10cm x 15cm


Easytattoo® PROTECT – Tattoo Protective Film Sachets 10cm x 15cm. “Second skin” type protective film made of polyurethane, to be used after tattooing. This soft, flexible and easy to apply protective film allows a proper healing in a safe and comfortable way.  Allows the skin to breathe and stay in a humid environment. The tattooed person gets peace of mind for the first 12 to 24 hours.
★  Hypoallergenic
★  Waterproof
★  Breathable
★  Easy to use

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Product Description

EASYTATTOO ® PROTECT – Tattoo Protective Film sachets 10cm x 15cm

Tattoo Protective Film (sachets) provides daily comfort to the tattooed person, reduces friction and risks of infection. Allows the skin to breathe and stay in a humid environment. Second skin type protective film made of polyurethane, to be used after tattooing. It’s Hypoallergenic!!

★  Is made in France
★  Hypoallergenic
★  Waterproof
★  Transparent
★  Breathable
★  High elasticity
★  Made of polyurethane
★  Non-irritant
★  Made in a laboratory according to EN ISO 13485 norm
★  Of course all Easytattoo® products are NOT TESTED ON ANIMALS



To bring to you a maximum of security in the high range of our products, all of our industrial partners are certified:

★  AFSSAPS (agence française de sécurité sanitaire des produits de santé) – view the Sécurité-santé-publique-FR3 12.pdf
★  FDA (food and drug administration) – view the CREME-TATOO-FDS-FR-MBA2.pdf
★  ISO (international organization for standardization)  – view the Rapport-test-cutané-creme-tattoo FR3 12.pdf


Further more, MBA brings to you numerous guarantees thanks to:

★  The statutory correspondence of all of our products (conformity 2013-1223/2008)
★  The implementation of a quality process ISO 13485
★  Specific and innovative formulations
★  A manufacturing process under pharmaceutical and dermatological control of compulsory standards: EN1040, EN1275, EN1276, CE labeling, biocide, fungicide, bactericide.
★  Secure, innovative and exclusive packaging

That’s why today more than 1200 studios in France and 40 countries in the world trust us and appreciate the quality of our products.



Wholesale:  10 Sachets per box (Total of 100 protective film)
Retail: per item (1 Sachet – incl. 10 protective film 10cm x 15cm)



Additional Information

Retail / Wholesale Price

per BOX of 10 items, per item


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Protective Film Sachets to be applied directly on the skin after a tattoo.

tattoo roll instruction of useCleanse and dry the tattoo

1) Fold the film in half in the middle of the blue area so as to pre-peel these parts.

2) Peel off the smallest part of the <<peel off>> protection and apply the adhesive surface 2-3cm from the outer edge of the tattoo.
Adhere by applying light pressure. Avoid touching the adhesive with your fingers.

3) Take away the 2nd <<peel off>> part and adhere the film.

4) Take off the blue parts by peeling gently, staring from the centre and finishing towards the outer edges.


When using more than one film, repeat the process by overlaying the film 1-2cm.
For better efficiency, joints should not be completely flat or folded ( knees, shoulders, elbows, wrists...)


Please note: The Tattoo Protective Film could be kept 1-2 days, following the recommendations made by your tattoo artist. This may vary from one person to another depending on the level of humidity in tattoos environment.



Made in a laboratory according to EN ISO 13485 norm

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